FAQ's for the Scents of Egypt Workshop Series with Dora Goldsmith

Workshop Kits

Q: Are the kits mandatory?
A: The kits for each workshop are not mandatory but recommended if you would like to have a full, immersive experience. If finances are a challenge consider only ordering one, or ordering them at a later date.
Q: What is in each kit?
A: Please refer to the kit description page which describes exactly what is in each kit. If you have further questions contact Dora directly via email at:  doragold@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Q: Are there any synthetic scents in any of the kits?
A: According to Dora, the only synthetic scents are the milk, bread & cake within the Temple Kit. If you have more questions regarding the scents please contact Dora directly via email -> doragold@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Q: Why are the kits priced in Euros?
A:The price of the kits are offered in Euros because our instructor, Dora Goldsmith, lives in Berlin, Germany which utilizes Euros as their currency. To calculate the exchange rate, which tends to vary depending on world events, etc.

To calculate the price in your currency I suggest using an online currency calculator. As I type this on December 3, 2020, 100 Euros is equivalent to 121 US Dollars.

Zoom Sessions

Q: Can you please record the Zoom video call sessions?
A: Each workshop in this seven-part series has been designed as a LIVE, three-hour experience. The workshops will not be recorded, and there are no refunds if you are not able to attend one.
Q: How will we, the students, remember all the information shared in these videos as there won't be reference point for us?
A: Consider the workshop series as a course attended at a University, where students do not record classes. Instead we take notes, learn from our notations and thus pass the exams. This methodology has worked well with Dora's other online presentations.
Q: Will the contents of the workshop be contained in the handouts if we are unable to attend do to a family emergency, challenges, other commitments and responsibilities, timezone issues, etc.?
A: Most of the workshops come with a handout, but not each one. Please note that the handouts alone will not make up for not participating in the live class.
Since Dora's research is not yet published, the PowerPoint presentations, as well as the handouts cannot be circulated. Like in a University setting, students are required to be committed and pay attention during the class and take notes.
Q: During these 3 hour sessions, will there be breaks? If yes, how long?
A: After each hour, we are going to take a short 5-minute break.
Q: Will this course require out of classroom time work? I ask because I'm taking another course and can't afford to invest more time in the course than the 3 hours allotted per session.
A: No, the classes will not require any additional work. After each class, I will be giving a reading list to those who are interested, but it is completely up to you, if you want to do some extra reading or not. Also, you can read the articles at any point in time.
Q: If I take this course, I would be interested in all of the materials for the entire course. Do you still have all of the materials available to take this course? 
A: Yes, the kits are still available, but contact Dora directly via email, since they may sell out at any given moment: doragold@zedat.fu-berlin.de


Q: Is there a discount code for the workshop series?
A: We offer a 20% discount to students and graduates of the Art of Botanical Perfume.
Q: Do I apply the discount code in the "payment" section after I add this course to cart and fill in my personal details?
A: The special coupon code for students and graduates of the Art of Botanical Perfume is applied toward the very end of the checkout process. When you arrive to the page where you are asked for your credit card, you will see an area to add the special code.

Payment Plans?

Q: Are there any payment plans for this course?
A: Yes! We are offering a three part payment plan when you begin the series with the Kyphi class on April 11th, three payments of $130.00, paid in full by April 10th, 2021

Contact Roxana via the contact page or via email to arrange the option that works best for you.


Q: Is previous knowledge required?
A: Absolutely no previous knowledge is required.
Do you have a question that is not answered here or on the other two pages? Please contact us by using the contact page or emailing info at illuminatedperfume.com