Exquisite perfumes crafted with love

Illuminated Perfume is where the ancient mysteries of alchemy and old world apothecaries intersect with visionary fragrances hand crafted from plants.

Practices that go back to distilling in cooper pots, infusing, tincturing and the use of enfleurage are all part of a tapestry of collective crafts used to capture the invisible aromatic threads used to formulate beautiful, complex perfumes.

Hand and heart intersect at the crossroads of passion and intuition, to bring you a bouquet of imaginative fragrances nuanced with unique artistic flair.

"I cannot get enough of Roxana's perfume. The care taken in the presentation alone is amazing. And the feeling of putting these beloved fragrances on is absolutely sacred."


"I'm super happy with how long Roxana's perfumes last--both the sillage every day and how many days' worth a container will provide. Compared to every other solid I've used. And did I mention how in-a-different-league, out-of-this-world, other-worldly, magically gorgeous these scents are?

No comparisons are possible! 


These scents are exactly as described! The compact is lovely and convenient! Beautiful, warm, melt on the skin delicious that add so much to the getting dressed adventure!"


"Stepping through the door of perfume artist Roxana Villa's shop on Lena Street is like stepping through a magic portal into an aromatic choose-your-own-adventure story.

Every object in the room—the cabinet of curiosities along the far wall, the jars of herbs on the shelves, flowers hung from the ceiling, the ancient-looking copper still on the table—provides a reference point in the interwoven narratives Villa creates using scent as her chosen medium for storytelling."

~ Leah Cantor, Santa Fe Reporter