The Perfumery



The perfume lab, showroom and school is located at Lena Street Lofts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The address is 1600 Lena Street, we are in building "A" same as Iconik Coffee, on the backside across from Building B & C. The unit number is A6, I have two dedicated parking spaces, feel free to use the Iconik spaces if necessary since they use mine.



In 2019 I was featured as the "Artist of the Month" by Artisan in Santa Fe. Watch the video interview here where you can learn about me and walk through the perfumery.


We are currently a "by appointment mostly" business, if you would like to make an appointment I suggest reading What is Botanical Perfume here on the site and Is Botanical Perfume For You at the journal. Occasionally I open up the space when I am distilling downstairs or for special events. Please make an appointment or contact me if you would like to come by.


Santa Fe Illuminated Perfume


The two hives of feral honey bees which I am guardian to have been moved to a hilltop plateau in Topanga where they have much more room to forage and are doing great. My expanding studio continues to branch out and evolve as new aromatic landscapes inform the work, providing endless inspiration.



Photos by Greg Spalenka, Roxana Villa and Rebecca Fishman, September 2012 - January 2015