Conscious Business Practices

In the nineties, when I started creating healing fragrances from plants, I felt like a tiny, lone fish swimming upstream. At the core of making true plant perfume was, and still continues to be: well being for both the planet and all her beings, supporting organic agriculture and supporting other small sustainable businesses. 

Although my business is small, the very act of working with plants, distillation and the sense of smell elevates consciousness. We become more illuminated by breathing in plant molecules. Like the butterfly effect, small vibrations can affect our entire cosmos.

In 2007, when I formerly launched Illuminated Perfume at the Ojai Lavender Festival, I was working with new business models, one titled Social Coop Entrepreneurs and others proposed by leading authors such as Fred Kofman, John Mackey, Raj Sisodia and Jeff Klien.

What these models shared was the concept of transforming businesses into conscious enterprises with implementation of powerful systems for social cooperation and elevating humanity.

Of course, as a person show, I could only implement bits and pieces of their concepts. Here are the tenants that I started out with and continue to uphold:

{ Apothecary }

The perfumes I create are from the highest-grade botanical (plant) materials.

Every fragrance is created in small batches by hand and resonates with a deep connection to the land

The base for the liquid perfumes are created utilizing organic grape and/or organic grain alcohol. 
Solid perfume utilize organic jojoba oil and beeswax from local, vetted bee guardians as the base.

The scent portion of the products are derived from essential oils, absolutes, concretes co2 extractions as well as my own tinctures and infusions.

{ Philosophy + Sustainable, Green Perfumes }

Illuminated Perfume is a consciousness business incorporating the innovative ideas of Social Coop Entrepreneurs as well as Sustainability. I prefer to speak about what I do as compared to what I don’t do. However, due to current consciousness and business standards I have added the don'ts at the end.

The perfumes in my line are created using whole essences from the botanical world. Fresh materials are hand selected – then processed using mindfulness and intention. Occasionally I incorporate materials from the sea and or bee kingdoms. The perfume GreenWitch contains a very small amount of Africa stone, the fossilized droppings of a small animal.

During each part of the creation, I support farmers and distillers who practice holistic principals. I choose to work with organizations and individuals who understand the spiritual dynamics of agriculture.

+ I use recyclable materials in the packaging and re-use & recycle packaging.

+ Almost all printed materials are created locally using soy based ink.

+ Boxes are re-usable and/or recyclable.

+ The reusable and/or recyclable solid perfume glass jars are made in the Netherlands.

+ The reusable and/or recyclable solid perfume compacts are made in the USA by a small family owned business.

+ The handmade crochet pouches are created by my mother and/or daughter in California using cotton or vintage thread.

+ ALL the perfumes are free of: phthalates, sulfates, synthetic aroma chemicals, petroleum, artificial colorants nature identicals, isolates, etc. As stated above I use materials from the plant kingdom. Please note many of the individuals using the term "natural" use synthetic aroma chemicals, isolates and animal ingredients like Civet.

+ I do not test on animals nor do I buy from suppliers who test on animals or sell animal products such as castoreum, civet, etc. ALL the perfumes are cruelty free, as stated above the only animal ingredients we occasionally use are from the sea and bee kingdoms. 

For mailing products I use standard RSC corrugated boxes that are made of recycled and post-consumer cardboard, tuck top, cardboard mailer boxes, and will re-use boxes that I have received goods in.

+ For the filling within the boxes I use solid colored crinkle paper made of recycled paper content and dyed with non-toxic and water soluble inks and re-use biodegradable foam chips.

Polybags or plastic mailers may be convenient and protect the contents within from damage, moisture, and soiling, but I am not satisfied with them being an eco-friendly packaging option. Instead of plastic packaging I currently use cardboard and various types of 

+ I will continue to cultivate our business practice with the intention of shifting consciousness and illuminating greater awareness of ones self as well as our lovely blue planet. If you have suggestions for me please send me a note via the contact page.