Art of Botanical Perfume Workshop & Online Course

The ART OF BOTANICAL PERFUME is a two day live workshop as well as an in depth online course.

The making of fragrance with plants is an ancient craft that has its roots in herbalism and alchemy. Long before synthetic molecules were created in a lab, humans extracted aromas from leaves, rinds, roots, barks and flower petals.

In both the live workshop and online course students create their own, unique, nine note perfume from essential oils while learning the history of the craft along with the organoleptic qualities of a scent.

The content is presented as an empowering, transformational journey of self discovery.

"The 2-day botanical perfume class was everything I hoped for and more. It has really taken my understanding of perfume, alchemy, femininity and blending to a whole new level. I left the very thoughtful and engaging experience with a renewed inspiration. I highly recommend Roxana as a teacher!" ~Michelle

The next live classes are taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sign up here, or register of the online course.


Read about the online course below and on the product page here.



Answers to Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):

1. What other items do I need for the online course?

The basic tools you will need are glass droppers & beakers, small utensils for mixing like glass or metal stirring rods, and small glass bottles with tight fitting lids for your perfume(s). In terms of materials besides the kit, you will need the base material for your perfume, which can be a high grade alcohol, a carrier oil like jojoba or beeswax & jojoba to make a solid perfume.

Here is a more comprehensive list:
- A journal or binder to document your process and formulas
- Small glass containers, ideally beakers, but shot glasses work well
- Glass droppers (NO plastic pipettes!)
- Small glass mixing rods, or something like the ones bartenders use
- Small metal or wood scoopers, Chinese ear picks are ideal
- High proof alcohol such as Everclear, vodka or perfumers alcohol (for making your perfume)
- Beeswax (for making solid perfume & enfleurage) OPTIONAL
- Jojoba (for making an oil based or solid perfume & enfleurage) OPTIONAL
- Ceramic casserole (for making solid perfume) OPTIONAL
- Glass pyrex type lasagna tray (for making an enfleurage) OPTIONAL

2. Can I use a payment plan?

We offer a three part payment plan which is billed every month beginning when you sign up. In this scenario the kit that comes with the course is sent out once the second payment is cleared.

The kit is not used until Module 5, thus, waiting a month to receive it has not been a challenge to the students who have opted for this plan. If you choose this option let me know and I will send you the link.

Another option which some students have used is paying via PayPalCredit.

3. Do we learn how about the enfleurage process?

In the course I go over the enfleurage process as well as how to make tinctures and infusions. I explain how I made the gardenia extract from the enfleurage pomade.

4. Do I need a scale for this course?

No, you do not need a scale for making the perfume in this course. If you choose to get more serious, I do recommend investing in a good scale, I use a MyWeigh Scale: