Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that doesn't appear on this list please use the contact page.


QUESTION: How is shipping calculated?

ANSWER: Currently the system does not calculate actual shipping. Thus, in the event that the shipping costs exceed the actual shipping by more than one dollar the buyer will be issued a refund of any shipping overcharges.


QUESTION: What are your most popular scents?

ANSWER: GreenWitch, Vespertina, Vera and Aurora.


QUESTION: Why do you use grams instead of mls or ounces?

ANSWER: Grams are used because it is the most accurate form to measure weight compared to mls or ounces which measure volume. For example, if we take two little glass beakers and fill one with Vetiver essential oil and the other with grapefruit essential oil each one will have the same amount visually in the beaker but the one with Vetiver will weigh much more due to the actual weight of the essence. Professional perfumers use weight over volume to create their formulas because then they have accurate measures which are easily multiplied for reproducing their fragrances in bigger batches. 1 gram is equal to about 0.03527 ounces / 7 grams is equal to about 1/4 ounce.


QUESTION: I have a small store and would like to carry your line?

ANSWER: A wholesale line is in the works but it is not quite ready yet. Once the line sheets and order forms we are happy to send those along to you. Please use the contact page to send us an inquiry that includes the shop name, location and the url.


QUESTION: I'd like to sample your products at a store, can you provide a list of where they are sold?

ANSWER: Roxana Illuminated Perfume is currently only available at our online venues. Once we are in stores there will be a link so that you can access those locations.


QUESTION: The LookBooks are GORGEOUS. The photography is fantastic! Do you make a paper-copy of the look-book?

ANSWER: We are working on creating paper copies of the LookBooks and other printed matter.


QUESTION: I really love rose perfumes but don't want to smell like an old lady. Stella is my favorite perfume but I'm looking for something more subtle for everyday. Do you have anything like that?

ANSWER: Roxana's specialty is in the creation of whole, fragrances mindfully created with botanical ingredients thus they have a very different character than the synthetic perfumes. Typically fragrances that contain an "old lady smell" contain animal ingredients like civet and castoreum. The fragrances in our line that contain rose are: Rosa and Vespertina. Rosa has the most dominant rose note of the two.


QUESTION: What is botanical perfume?

ANSWER: Please refer to this page.


QUESTION: Can you help me choose a scent?

ANSWER: Absolutely, begin the journey by reading this page.