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 Liquid Perfume Samples

"Very beautiful, maybe what Chanel was once, 60 years ago. Favorite of the samples? Tough call, these are so complex and deep it will take more than a few wearings to unlock Roxana's secrets. Fell like I've discovered a really exciting and important new designer."

~ Becky


LYRA: a rich jasmine cordial with spritely, bright, woodsy skip; i'm smelling hints of rockrose, ylang, vetiver, silver fir + orange. a warm floral beauty.

ROSA: gorgeous rose grounded in sandalwood + maybe the slightest touch of vetiver; the scent is light, powdery + celestially grounded.

Q: a sparkling woodsy aromatic blended w/ floral notes; if fairy dust had a smell, this would be it.

CHIAROSCURO: dark, earthy, aromatic with the sun shining through in the form of jasmine making this complex, ancient scent true to it's name.

CIMBALOM: an intoxicating, intriguing, spicy scent whispering of the orient. roxana, i love all the samples. thanks for marrying eco with perfume! i highly recommend any of her scents, though i prefer the liquid form to get a truer sense of what she's created. there's no need for harmful synthetic fragrances when people like roxana can create perfection from nature's rich bounty.



Full stars! I received GreenWitch, To Bee (as well as a solid sample), and Page 47 very quickly after ordering. Each perfume was incredible and a sensory delight, especially To Bee. Thank you for such lovely products.



Sophisticated, elegant perfumes. Just a touch is detectable all day. I am having trouble deciding which I like best, but I will surely be back for a large bottle.