SANTA FE Sensorium with Jennifer Butler

I am thrilled to share that Illuminated Perfume is once again hosting Jennifer Butler, my color & style mentor, and will be supporting her work while in town from August 22th through the 26th, 2024.

SAVE the DATE on Thursday evening, August 22nd for an experiential introduction to Jennifer's work beginning at 6pm, location and registration link forthcoming.

If you are not familiar with Jennifer and her work, here are a few links to learn more →

Jennifer Butler website, find a list of services under WORK WITH ME.

JB Digital Calling CardIntro to JB and my personal favorite True Beauty with Adam Markel

A few questions to ask yourself when considering this healing art are:

  • Are you in transition?
  • If you do the colors, what do you have at risk?
  • If you really show up in the world, what would you gain?
  • Where do you want to go next in your life? Career?
This color work aligns your visual presentation with your message, providing a fundamental shift in the way one shows up in the world.

Here is the schedule, by registration/appointment only
August 22nd, Thursday
  • 6-8pm GUEST EVENT location & registration link forthcoming
August 23rd, Friday
  • Book signing, location to be announced
  • 2-5pm Guided shopping in Santa Fe

August 24th, Saturday

  • 1:00 - 5:00 Donna M & World of Bohemia Shopping @ Illuminated Perfume
August 25th, Sunday
  • 1:00 - 5:30 Donna M SALON @ Illuminated Perfume

Most people begin with the 3-hour Transformation Package, which includes:
  • A Jennifer Butler Signature linen binder with 40 page inserts
  • A Personal Pigmentation Analysis: Focused on the natural coloring of your hair, skin, and eyes
  • A 12-Column Personal DNA Color Palette: With Visual Harmonies- based on your natural pigmentation
  • A Psychology of Color Profile: Learn your Power color, Support color, Romance Color, etc & when to wear them
  • A 10-page customized Color Guide: How to combine your colors for ultimate effect, personalized for you during your service
  • A Personal Design Analysis: Based on the size and shape of the facial features, the shape of the face/jawline, the size of the face in relation to your height, and the body silhouette.
  • A 30-page Women's (or 60-page men's) Personal Design Silhouette
  • Application of the 7 Principles of Design: texture, contrast, complexity, scale & proportion, visual weight, geometry, design patterns
  • Styles Profile: What styles are right for your body silhouette/personal design - pencil skirt or A-line? skinny jeans or palazzo pants?
  • Shopping Fan and Instructions with additional color swatches: This is a mini version of your palette that you will assemble after your service and keep with you always, so you can buy the right clothes, makeup, paint, home furnishings.
  • Eye wear assessment: What is the best weight, shape, and color for your eye wear?
  • Makeup assessment: Is your makeup right for you or does a shift need to happen?
  • Hair Color recommendation: If you color your hair, is it harmonious to your pigmentation?
  • Mini Wardrobe Review: Up to10 Items, perfect time to check what to wear to your next upcoming event
  • Free Continuing Education event, scheduled monthly, virtually.
This service can be done in person or virtually through photo submission and two zoom calls.

The current fee for a color and design session is $3500, for Jennifer's first visit to Santa Fe they are offering a special for $1000 OFF, that makes the Transformation Service $2500 as long as it is booked before Jennifer arrives in Santa Fe. Book an appointment to schedule in with Leslie at 323-931-2626 or

Major credit cards accepted, they request that any services are paid in full before the first appointment.


→ Friday 08/23/24
9am- 12pm Color & Design Service
1pm- 4pm Color & Design Service

→ Saturday  08/24/24
9am- 12pm Color & Design Service
1pm- 4pm Color & Design Service

→ Sunday 08/25/24
9am- 12pm Color & Design Service
1pm- 4pm Color & Design Service

→ Monday- 08/26/24
9am- 12pm Color & Design Service
1pm- 4pm Color & Design Service

Additionally, Jennifer offers a variety of private and group services and classes for added support. Those include:
  • DNA Color Palette & Personal Design Silhouette - for the whole family-(children 2 and up)
  • Shopping with Jennifer - so you learn what to look for - online or in-person
  • Wardrobe Service- examine, edit and build your existing wardrobe - learn what works and what doesn’t and why
  • Interior Consultation- apply your colors to your home or office or both
  • Branding Consultation - Personal and Business- review your website, promo shots, letterhead, business cards, social media
  • ZOOM Window Coaching- is your background supporting you and your message?
  • Personal Coaching for Special Situations: Video Conference Calls, Public Speaking, Weddings etc.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out by calling, texting or by email →
Leslie Harvey 323-931-2626 /


Science shows that 93% of all communication is nonverbal.  The clothes and colors we choose have special meaning and can either support or challenge our effectiveness. Learn how to recognize what works best for you from one of the world's leading experts on the psychology of color and human design. 

Did you know that you were born with your own unique style DNA?  Color and style guru, Jennifer Butler, founder of the True Beauty Movement, will demonstrate how we are all able to express our own unique divine beauty and design.  Visual images and group exercises will show you how to recognize your own authentic style blueprint, embrace and celebrate it!  You will...

  • accelerate your timeline for living up to your true potential.
  • discover the strengths and beauty super powers Mother Nature has given you. 
  • gain unshakeable self confidence… and the knowledge that The Universe has your back!
  • experience the magic and synchronicities that come together when you are living in alignment with your divine beauty and design.

Who should attend? 

Anyone who wants to up-level their personal presentation. Leaders on a mission; coaches; trainers; speakers; parents; new graduates seeking to make a mark in the world. Everyone committed to personal growth and transformation.

Jennifer Butler is the leading expert in the sociology of style and color. Her experience lies in the art of visual communication, understanding that mastery of appearance is critical to effective communication. Building on her fashion expertise, knowledge of human nature, and understanding of color, she develops style and color palettes that reveal the essence of an individual’s personality. Through her work, Jennifer helps clients ranging from CEOs and business executives to celebrities, artists, and community leaders, to powerfully, authentically, and effectively express themselves.