Solid Perfume Sample Testimonials


"Lets start from the beginning, shipping was teleportation fast!! The presentation upon opening these beautiful samples is just impeccable, you can tell that careful thought and planning has gone into the creation of this shop. I love the little sample pots which contains, in my opinion a generous amount of perfume. So I bought these to choose a natural perfume to place in my perfume locket but I love them all so much that I'm intrigued to sample more scents..I love Chiaroscuro and favs! Her perfume base is not waxy at all, allowing the perfume to melt into your skin and bloom outward..ahhh heavenly. All around perfection!! Thank you Roxana!" ~ Karen 


"Lovely, creamy, mood-enhancing solid perfume samples in adorable little pink pots. To me, solid perfume is a personal scent just enough for the wearer to experience. It's been a wonderful journey trying these different scents. My favorites were Lyra - a soft sweet jasmine & ylang ylang combination, Aurora - a spicy floriental carnation, Rosa - a woodland rose, and Sierra Solid Gold - Christmas Evergreens with a hint of sweetness. I do have to reapply throughout the day, but that's normal with all natural perfumes. Just enough in each little sample pot to try them out to order a larger size. These solids were a joy to apply, very creamy and moisturizing. Upon arrival, opening this package was a sweet delight! Adorable presentation and graphics, carefully packaged. You can tell Roxana put much love and thought into creating these special perfumes and packaging, especially the color-coded, informative cards that come with each scent. Wonderful experience!" ~ Carrie


 "AMAZING! I think my favorites are "Q", "Vera" and "Green Witch", but I love them all. Thank you!" ~ Anon


 "Very helpful in selecting perfumes to sample, and sent them very quickly in nice packaging. Found my perfect fragrance and the others were lovely for a friend. Thank you!" ~ Lynne


 "Beautiful packaging & very soulful scents" ~ Catie

 "They are all wonderous. I particularly love Aumbre for its sweetness and warmth and long lasting drydown. It's got tenacity and I do love amber and labdanum! Terrestre is definitely a Oud lovers perfume. It's soft Oud. Very bright up front and I could also describe it as an ethereal, resinous and woody fragrance. Sierra Solid Gold is tree (love the fir), vanilla, cream and spice, nose candy :)" ~ LightShaft


 "These scents are magical, thank you!" ~ Hilary


 "These perfumes are exquisite. And the packaging is beautiful, too!" ~ Bakche


 "I'm thrilled with my order. The packaging was gorgeous, I loved the velvet pouch and the art cards. The card from the artist, Greg Spalenka is beautiful. The fragrances are wonderful, it will be hard to pick a favorite. I am impressed by the quality of the items and their presentation." ~ Kasha


 "Perfect packaging and service. All fragrances are lovely, but my favourite has to be Aurora which certainly gives the impression of a bouquet of carnations. As I am a floral fan, I may well order a locket pan of this for my mother's Christmas present. Green Witch (you can smell the sea!) is something I may gift my sister with - she loves sailing, is full of derring-do and lives in Greenwich (as in Mean Time)!" ~ Tracey


 "What exquisite little perfumes! They arrived very quickly and were beautifully packaged. The scents themselves are lovely and Roxana was kind enough to include a little something special as well. Thanks so much, I'm sure I'll be back again soon." ~ Nicole

 "The shipping was really fast! The scents are really lovely especially SIERRA SOLID GOLD, thank you again!" ~ Mono


 "Incredibly fast shipping--and all of the smells are absolutely stunning! I really wish I had more arms to try them on all at once!! The packaging was gorgeous, so I can't wait to order more than just samples in the very near future! Bravo!!" ~ Maria


 "Amazing product and excellent customer service. They all smell so fantastic that I am still having a hard time choosing which scent to purchase in a larger quantity. I found the descriptions of the scents to be very accurate. I am tempted to purchase another sample pack to explore some of the other intriguing scents..." ~Mary Beth


 "Each of these three scents was unique and lovely. My favorite was "Q," which reminded me of the woodsy and mysterious Pacific Northwest. I'm still using it daily, and will definitely order more when this little tub runs out. Thank you!" ~Heather


 "These are the most beautiful fragrances, absolutely unique and one of a kind. When they arrive in the mail, you can tell that they are made with love and care. Thank you Roxana!" ~ B


 "Fantastic packaging and shipping, I adore the scents, hard to pick a favourite!!" ~ Elly


 "I love these sampler packs from Roxana. This is my second, and they really last longer than expected. A great way to find your favorite scent, but also have variety for every day of the week!" ~ AnnaBeth


 "Love these! What beautiful fragrances. Little jewels." ~ Rebekah


 "I received my samples very quickly and they all smell really nice. The packaging was beautiful as well. I will definitely be back :)" ~ Kaylin


 "Beautiful, well-composed and intoxicating-highly recommended!" ~ Sharon


"So thoughtfully and beautifully packaged...including a hand written thank you note! The samples are the perfect trial size, and helped with the difficult decision of which scent to purchase (they each were uniquely enchanting). Thank you, Roxana, for sharing your talents and passion!" ~ B


 "Absolutely amazing scents and very mystical and unique packaging. This would make the perfect gift for a special person especially someone who enjoys non mainstream products. If you are looking to spend a little more a sample gift set with a gift card would be very thoughtful because the recipient could try the samples and choose their own larger item. I picked 5 samples based on the descriptions and even though they were all fun, 1 of them I absolutely LOVED! I am a sandalwood lover and sandalwood and rose has been my go to because I will not use synthetic fragrance. However I was always wishing for a little bit more. The combinations in Vespertina meet all my desires for that incensey yet still floral and romantic scent. Amazing! Try the samples and find one that makes you as happy as Vespertina makes me!" ~ Jill


"I truly enjoy this shop and am a return customer. This time I sampled Q (perfect fall into winter scent, reminiscent of a hike though the woods with a hint of smoke in the distance), Gracing the Dawn (a very pretty and feminine floral), and Cimbalom (the one I have been using the most... yet it's difficult for me to describe...incense, jasmine, patchouli, sensuous and comforting). The way these scents convey a place, a mood, a memory... is quite remarkable!" ~ Christie


"It is always a treat to receive packages from Illuminated Perfume. Beautifully prepared and carefully crafted - definitely treat yourself to some of these amazing botanical scents!" ~ Jessie