The Violet Flame

Origin Story

Inspiration for the Violet Flame perfume arrived during a channeling session with Robin Coale last Autumn when I felt the presence of St. Germaine. After the session a fellow participant sent me this message:

"When you were speaking towards the end of our last class, I saw the brightest violet light radiating from your whole body. It was so amazing!"

Although I was in the midst of assembling the Green Knight ritual box, I felt a strong impulse to create something special centered around this esoteric, historical figure and realized I could do it in the next ritual box–this one!

My limited knowledge of Comte de Saint Germain was that he was the bearer of the violet flame, a purple light with the power to transmute and transform negative frequencies. When I asked Robin about which book she felt had the most accurate information on him, she mentioned the first author to describe his experienced with Saint Germain -> Godfré Ray King.

Most records of the count state that he lived in Europe where his interests included science, alchemy and the arts. Several individuals in European courts wrote about the mysterious alchemist, including Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel who stated he was "one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived." 

The Perfume

Since there are references to the count as an alchemist and a musician, I decided to use seven perfume chords for the fragrance, one chord for each chakra, each containing either white, pink or blue lotus. I invited two friends to experience the chords, one is a musician and the other channels St. Germaine. Both were completely captivated by the chords and during our smell session we collectively received information on how to expand on my ideas.

The main themes I choose to work with for the fragrance were the color violet, an uplifting quality and a flame. I had already noticed from years of visitors at the perfumery, that there were specific scents, like orris root, that invoked the color purple, thus that essence was on the top of the list. 

The fragrance is very complex as a result of containing seven chords, notes include roots, smoke, woods, and flowers and although the synergy for both the solid and the spray are the same, they express themselves differently between the solid and spray formats.

Plant essences in the Violet Flame perfume are many and include essential oils. co2 extracts and absolutes, as well as tinctures of Boronia and Jasmine for the spray, and Jasmine infusion for the solid.


Before I share about the chords, lets define the word. The language of fragrance comes from music, hence “notes”, such as base, middle and top notes, and “chords”. Chords are a combination of notes, the notes can be made of all top, all middle or all base, and thus would be termed top note chord, etc., these are considered horizontal chords because the notes are all from the same classification, occuring horizontally. There are also chords that may contain all three classifications of notes, we refer to these as "vertical" chords. Vertical chords are often more symbolic, and/or depict an idea or concept of a scent that may be real or imagined. For example, the creation of an green chord would depict the scent of green, or more fantastical like a chord created to depict mermaids.

7. Crown Chakra
The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, or slightly above, and called the Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit. Since the name refers to a thousand petaled lotus flower of different colors, I choose to use all the flower essences in my twenty years of collecting essential oils.
Color: Violet/White
Essences: cassie, jasmine, rose, carnation, violet leaf, boronia, orris , white, pink, blue lotus, and over thirty more
6. Third Eye Chakra
Color: Violet/White
Essences: Incense chord including pinyon, sage, palo santo, spikenard and white lotus.
5. Throat Chakra
Color: Blue
Essences: Wood chord includes sandalwood, vetiver, blue lotus, blue cypress, blue spruce, tansy and more. "When we reclaim our voice we will become the embodied saint again."
4. Heart Chakra
Color: Green
Essences: Rose chord including rose, geranium, guaicwood, pink lotus and more.
3. Solar Plexus Chakra
Essences: Mimosa, frankincense, orange blossom, white lotus, wild orange, pink pepper and more for fire element.
2. Sacral Chakra
Essences: Ylang ylang, jasmine, myrrh, greasewood and blue lotus attar to evoke water.
1. Base/Root Chakra
Color: Black/Red
Essences: Base chord including oakmoss, styrax, labdanum, dragons blood, white lotus, and more, to evoke earth.


This seasonal box set includes:

  • The Violet Flame fragrance: solid, spray or both
  • A 70 acid free page, 8.15 x 5.12 inch, soft cover Moleskin, with custom graphic. The  lined journal has rounded corners with visible Singer stitching on the spine and a flap on the inner back cover with space for collecting loose notes.
  • A bag of tea containing a purple tea base blended by hand with butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, lemon peel, and lavender blossoms, for a mellow tea that brews into a vibrant violet color. This tea has a light body, with a subtle sweetness and floral and citrus notes. Low in caffeine and extremely high in antioxidants and anthocyanins! Handmade locally by Karen of Artful Tea here in Santa Fe, NM.


AND, Robin Coale, a local shaman here in Santa Fe will provide a journey session via Zoom so we can all meet St. Germaine together and transcribe our personal experience in the journal provided. The channeling/meditation will take place on July 13th at 3pm MT and be recorded for those who cannot attend or purchase the box at a later time.

The box has been curated to impart a transcendent experience of beauty and transformation.

The Artwork

The image of the the Violet Flame was created by the illuminator of our perfumes, Greg Spalenka. Read what he has to say about it here on his site.

Where as the Green Knight represented yang energy, reminding us that we must not to fear the unknown, for we are immortal, St. Germain and the Violet Flame brings into the spiritual heart and raises our frequency.


The boxes are sold out.

There are currently a few bottles of the Eau de Parfum available.


Fragrance feedback

"Thank you so much for your note, and the magnificent Violet Flame gift box. It is truly magical and full of delights! Thank you for creating an essence that exemplifies the beauty and ethereal quality of the violet flame."
~ Susan Wishner

"The Ritual Box arrived today! It’s always a sublime experience opening a package from Illuminated Perfume. What a lovely creation. The mesmerizing scent touches into something undefinable deep in my memory 💜"
~ Tracy Moran

"The ritual box was a delight to receive, but it is the perfume itself that thrills me beyond measure. I love many, many of your creations, but this is absolutely my favorite ever - it's truly alchemical magic. I hope you will continue to keep it available - I honestly will be heartbroken if you don't."
~ Deborah Weber

I opened up your box and it is absolutely exquisite - every detail so gorgeous - your Libra in Venus really shines with this work. And the fragrance is Divine. Thank you for sharing your gifts"
~ Robin Coale

IMAGES: The Violet Flame ©Greg Spalenka, other photos & imagery ©Roxana Villa, please respect our copyright.