Tree of Life


Tree of Life is a very aromatic blend of five hydrosols from India:

Jasmine sambac
Blue Lotus
Rose Edward
Tuberose &
Michelia Champaca


    If you are wondering why the name Tree of Life was chosen for this flowery potion, it is because the Michelia Champaca is an evergreen tree often called The Mother Goddess, that produces the sweet, warm, heady fragrant blossoms that is the predominant note in this synergy.



    The scent of this five petaled water perfume is blissful, anchoring us into a joyful essence that promotes balance, opens the heart and allows energy to flow. The union of tree and flower facilitates a connection to the higher realms and intuition. When combined with the other four flowers the affect is compounded with a nourishing, creative quality.



    There is an ascending quality that begins with roots anchored in moist soil, moving upward, we pause at the heart where radiating circles expand out. Continuing the upward motion to the crown where a soul-full unification occurs, truly transformative

    What I find particularly special about the union of these five hydrosols is that one can actually FEEL the unification, As if the waters are stitching up the holes that have caused humans to forget there since of union and that we are mostly water. As we embody an anchored fluidity, we then rise out of the Earthly illusion of duality.

    Hydrosols may be used as an aromatic mist for the home, to hydrate the complexion, and as an uplifting spritz. These gentle plant waters are a great addition to ones herbal plant tool box.

    Read more about what a hydrosol is here.

    The hydrosol has been poured into a 1 ounce amber colored glass bottle with a simple, water proof label. Best if kept in a cool, dark space or the refrigerator.

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